FRC UPDATE!  The FRC has removed all members!
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The Florida Repeater Council (FRC) is in desperate need of reform.

The FRC has failed to perform even the most basic tasks assigned to it and the current board runs it in a slipshod, border-line illegal manner.  When presented with these facts, the board reacts with arrogance and treats it’s members with utter contempt.

This is not how a body in amateur radio should work and cannot be allowed to continue.  I (Bryan Fields, W9CR) have attempted to work with the board only to have lip-service paid to me with no follow through.

  • Violation of the coordination policy by the directors
  • Willful violation of the bylaws by the directors
  • Willful violations of FS 617 regarding members request for information
  • Publicly stating the policy of the FRC is “is unable to search for available frequencies”, when this is the FCC definition of a frequency coordinator.
  • When they do suggest frequencies, there active repeaters on them, some even coordinated well under the radius.
  • Inventing new coordination polices on the fly without approval of the board.
  • The board is only accountable to itself and believes members seeking reform are “outsiders”
  • “Working” on business for years, tabling proposals from one meeting to the next.
  • Engaging in Pay-for-Play with massive “donations” followed by immediate coordination.

The directors conduct meetings without notice and all activities are kept secret.  This doesn’t pass the “smell test” in our caucus’s opinion and frankly when there is corruption such as this the only way it can be fixed is by massive reform.

We are calling for the resignation of the current directors, and a constitutional convention to reform the FRC and make it work for all amateurs in Florida.  More details on our reform plan.

Please join us by submitting your proxy or joining us at the meeting.

Please submit the below and authorize your proxy vote for the upcoming FRC meeting.

You may also use the PDF form and send it to

Our cause of action will be to remove the current board and call a constitutional convention.  Please read through some of the prior posts here and watch the videos of the FRC meetings.  This demonstrates a malicious incompetence in the FRC, holding back amateurs statewide.

FRC Reform Proxy

I am a current Member of the Florida Repeater Council, a Florida Not-for-Profit Corporation, and do hereby appoint Bryan Fields, W9CR, to act as a proxy at the 2017 FRC members and directors meetings.

Bryan Fields, W9CR shall have the full power of my vote as permitted under Florida § 617.

This appointment of proxy remains in effect until December 31, 2017.



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