FRC Articles of Incorporation

I submitted a request with the Florida Department of State as the FRC has been unwilling to respond to our requests.

Interesting things in this, the FRC is defined as a members organization and proxies are explicitly permitted under these AoI.  This would put the actions of the current board in conflict with the “constitution” of the corporation.

Florida Repeater Council AoI

Inquiry to the Orlando Amateur Radio Club

Regarding the illegal actions of James Deuel, N0XIA at the FRC meeting by claiming to be a fire marshal for the OARC and stating we were over capacity (20) of the meeting venue, the following letter was written to the Orlando Amateur Radio Club to inquire about Mr. Deuel’s status and training.

We further inquired as to the qualifications a non-profit must have to be entitled to meeting space at hamcation.  No response has been received as of yet, and we encourage all OARC members and interested amateurs to demand they respond.  It’s obvious the FRC and OARC directors believe they answer to no one.  The careful reader will find the same corruption present at both the FRC and OARC boards.

2017-03-08 letter to OARC

2017 Members meeting video

The video has been posted to YouTube.  Apologies for the delays but the video required audio enhancement, and it’s quite lengthy.  I’ve made some call outs at the times below for the viewer who wants to skip some of the mundane parts.

  • @6:22 James Duel, N0XIA conducts a count of the number of people in the room.  In his opinion we’re over the number of people permitted by him in the room for “fire code issues”.  He then waits 20 min before bringing this up and forcing a number of FRC reform supporters to leave.   Had this been a real fire marshal complaint he would not have waited.
  • @21:00 Secretary Fletcher, NI4M attempts to close the meeting and claims this is not a members meeting as stated in the bylaws.  You can see James Duel N0XIA leave the meeting at this point to call the police and raise a fire code issue.  Mr. Duel arrives back @22:55
  • @23:25 Secretary Felcher claims there are no provisions for proxy votes under the bylaws.  There is a provision under Florida law and the FRC articles of incorporation.
  • @23:42 James Duel raises a fire code issue, based on the count he did almost 20 minutes prior!  There was no posted maximum capacity and Mr. Duel has no training to determine this.
  • @24:53  A board member said he was properly elected in 1990 and it’s still valid today!
  • @25:53 Director Duel leaves the meeting to call the police yet again.
  • @27:42 Director Duel comes back and states “he hates to due this” and makes another fire code issue once again. He threatens he has “police officers outside so you can decide what to do”.  A number of FRC reform supporters leave to make his claim go away.  He then leaves and comes back putting the number of people in the room over 20 yet again.
  • @30:06 Secretary Fletcher refuses to call the question and again states this meeting is for directors only (it’s not).
  • @41:00 the board votes to not share data with the ARRL repeater directory for the next year.
  • @1:03:45 The Meeting moves to new business and bylaw updates.  I again ask where these were posted for the members to review.  Secretary (now President) Fletcher says they have been distributed to the board.  Note that non-board member Frank Butler, W4RH, has a copy and votes on this!

These new bylaws remove all members from the FRC!

  • @1:05:00 the President refuses to recognize the proxies once again.
  • @1:08:00 The board votes to refund members dues that have now been removed!

The meeting then concludes.

Simply disgusting.




Post Orlando Update: FRC Board removes all members!

The FRC members meeting was simply disgusting this year.

The video post is here and has call outs for specific times as it’s about 70 minutes in length.

First the meeting was held about 1/2 mile away from the normal location in a smaller area than in all years prior.

The Board refused to let anyone anyone other than themselves speak and I demanded to speak based on the assembled crowd.  After Mike Felcher relented to the overwhelming support I started to talk through our issues.  At this time the other board member, N0XIA  called the police saying we were not allowing the board to work and >20 people were in the room per the fire code.  I made the demand that this is a members meeting and we are bound by Roberts rules of order, to which Mike Fletcher insisted this was only a board meeting (it’s the annual members meeting).

I then called a point of order that there is not a quorum present and as the members have never elected the board.  One of the members has the gall to insist he was elected in 1990 and has been re-appointed ever since!  Simply put they were wrong.

I made a motion to remove the board members and they would not even call the question.  This is against the rules.

Further on in the board meeting the unelected board amended the bylaws to remove all the members from the corporation!  So if you were a member before, you’re not now!  These people are sick, and will be made to answer for this in court.  As of now, the FRC has no members and is simply an unelected board.

Dana is avoiding service on behalf of the cooperation too.  What they have done is unconscionable and reprehensible.

I can say they have no legal authority to operate anymore and if you see the board members ask them to account for their actions.  This is truly the worst of the worst in amateur radio today.  What’s most concerning is these board members are involved as board members in other clubs, certainly calling into account their actions in that capacity.

FCC FOIA response

Today the FCC responded to my prior FOIA request.

Attached is the 2017-268 – response letter, and the referenced document, FCC 86-201, which is the only mention of the FRC in FCC records.

This letter proves the FRC is lying when they stated they were recognized by the FCC as the frequency coordinator for Florida.

25. Official recognition of coordinators. Several coordinators urged us to establish some mechanism to officially recognize local or regional coordinators. Others were concerned about the potential for abuse of power at the local level. Another concern was exclusive right to coordinate within a geographical area. It is essential that repeater coordinators respond to the broadest base of local amateurs, and consider the concerns not only of repeater owners but also of those users of spectrum affected by repeater operation. Their authority is derived from the voluntary participation of the entire amateur community; their recognition must be derived from the same source. We believe the new rules will assure that a coordinator is representative of all local amateur operators.

As plainly stated above the FCC refused to recognize frequency coordinators.  This is another FRC lie exposed.

The FRC has instigated a criminal complaint against W9CR

The FRC has violated our agreement to work together after the Melbourne hamfest by making a criminal complaint against Bryan Fields, W9CR.  This happened in November and needed to be resolved first, hence the lack of updates.  This complaint is fraudulent and was closed with input from from my attorney.  I will not be addressing it further.

Our agreement from Melbourne was to fire my attorney and work together in good faith, these actions prove this was never the FRC’s intent.  The FRC board has invented a number of lies regarding me and my actions.

It’s evident the FRC has no interest to working with me or any other members seeking reform.  One only has to look at how they refer to their members as “outsiders” and the actions taken by those who seek to reform their ways.

Numerous attempts have been made to work with the board with the Process Development Committee as agreed after Melbourne.  No board members have responded to repeated inquiry.  In light of these recent developments I cannot continue to attempt to work with the board.

My legal demands remain and I will publicly call for the resignation of the board as they have ceased to operate in anything approaching an effective manner.

How can we fix this?

The FRC must be reformed if it wishes to keep its legitimacy. Frequency coordination is voluntary in amateur radio, and there is little reason for amateur radio operators in Florida to seek coordination from the FRC under this current administration.

Our goal is to transform this organization into a healthy helping hand for repeater operators and other amateur spectrum users. No one should be answered with contempt for months after putting an application in for coordination only to be told “fill it out again, we can’t edit it”. This should not be an organization which exists as a “good-ol’-boy” system breading contempt; rather one which operates in the open, in accordance with its bylaws, and accountable to its members.

The FRC should ask how to say “Yes” rather than saying “No” in working with their members and other amateurs.

Our plan to get on the right track is:

  • Remove the current directors for gross incompetency and exposing the organization to liability.
  • Call for a constitutional convention to redraw the bylaws and change the organization structure to better serve all amateurs in Florida.
  • Have open elections
  • Establish a development process for new policies from the membership
  • Encourage input from the membership based on sound technical policies
  • De-centralize coordination by having a web enabled database be accessible to the public showing all history of an application through coordination. (OSS/BSS software)
    No one person should be the gatekeeper of the database.
  • Make all records of the FRC open to the public, as any non-profit serving the public interest must be.

FCC FOIA request

In response to the FRC stating they are recognized by the FCC, I submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the FCC stating the following:

I request that a copy of the following documents or documents containing the following information be provided to me:

  • Commission legal finding or other documents under 47CFR Part 97 or other FCC regulation which authorize the Commission to recognize a “Frequency Coordinator” as defined in §97.3(a)22 of the commissions rules.
  • What authority does a “Frequency Coordinator” have to grant permission to operate an Amateur station on frequencies in the Amateur Radio Service?
  • What is the procedure to become a recognized “Frequency Coordinator” as defined in §97.3(a)22?
  • Please provide a list of all recognized “Frequency Coordinator(s)” as defined §97.3(a)22.
  • Please provide copies of all letters between the FCC and the Florida Repeater Council, Inc. pertaining to their recognition as a “Frequency Coordinator” and other coordination/interference issues.

    The original PDF it attached.