How can we fix this?

The FRC must be reformed if it wishes to keep its legitimacy. Frequency coordination is voluntary in amateur radio, and there is little reason for amateur radio operators in Florida to seek coordination from the FRC under this current administration.

Our goal is to transform this organization into a healthy helping hand for repeater operators and other amateur spectrum users. No one should be answered with contempt for months after putting an application in for coordination only to be told “fill it out again, we can’t edit it”. This should not be an organization which exists as a “good-ol’-boy” system breading contempt; rather one which operates in the open, in accordance with its bylaws, and accountable to its members.

The FRC should ask how to say “Yes” rather than saying “No” in working with their members and other amateurs.

Our plan to get on the right track is:

  • Remove the current directors for gross incompetency and exposing the organization to liability.
  • Call for a constitutional convention to redraw the bylaws and change the organization structure to better serve all amateurs in Florida.
  • Have open elections
  • Establish a development process for new policies from the membership
  • Encourage input from the membership based on sound technical policies
  • De-centralize coordination by having a web enabled database be accessible to the public showing all history of an application through coordination. (OSS/BSS software)
    No one person should be the gatekeeper of the database.
  • Make all records of the FRC open to the public, as any non-profit serving the public interest must be.

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