FRC new Bylaws

Florida Repeater Council Bylaws Adopted Feb 11, 2017 PDF

The FRC has finally made the supposed bylaw amendments available to their Board.  Prior to this, no one has seen them other than Glenn Fletcher.

We’re surprised to find a number of things which confirm the illegal actions of the board at Orlando 2017.

  • All members have been removed in violation of the Articles of Incorporation.
  • The president and officers have been given almost dictatorial power.
  • They are free to appoint whomever the board deems to be a Director
  • They have eliminated any semblance of order or democracy in violation of the amateurs code.
  • As these bylaws conflict with the Articles of Incorporation, they are null and void.

This is an example the changes put though by the board

PRESUMPTION OF ASSENT. A director of the Corporation who is present at a meeting of the Board of Directors or a committee of the Board of Directors when corporate action is taken is presumed to have assented to the action unless such director votes against it or expressly abstains from voting on the action taken, or, such director objects at the beginning of the meeting to the holding of the meeting or transacting specific business at the meeting.

The above means the presumptive vote by the board must be yes.  These are the sorts of clauses seen in Constitutions of banana republics.  It’s also not legal under the Articles of Incorporation.

We call on all members to stand up and refuse the illegal actions of the Board.  Don’t let your organization be taken away from you.

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