Emergency Meeting, July 6

Florida Repeater Council, Inc.
Emergency Members Meeting Announcement

6:00 PM
July 6, 2017

As I’m sure most are aware, the FRC board has been in disarray and operating in violation of the bylaws and our founding documents.

Concerned members have petitioned for change and their concerns met with contempt by the current board.

Under the powers of the FRC Articles of Incorporation and the rules of order I am calling all FRC members to an emergency meeting where the following is to be considered:

  • Discuss the past secrecy and ongoing mismanagement of member donations.
  • Has the current board acted in violation of the bylaws, founding documents and general rules of order of the FRC?
  • Should the current operational structure be maintained?

We hope to bring the FRC back from it’s unethical mismanagement and make the organization work for all amateurs once again.

All members are invited to attend in person or via webex/conference call.

If you cannot attend please support us with your proxy.

Mike Gonzalez, N2FSU
District 6 Director

FRC Reform Proxy

I am a current Member of the Florida Repeater Council, a Florida Not-for-Profit Corporation, and do hereby appoint Bryan Fields, W9CR, to act as a proxy at the 2017 FRC members and directors meetings.

Bryan Fields, W9CR shall have the full power of my vote as permitted under Florida § 617.

This appointment of proxy remains in effect until December 31, 2017.



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Front Meeting Room
South Community Library
2300 Roy Hanna Dr. South
St. Petersburg, FL 33712


Online meeting:


Meeting number (access code): 622 056 307
Meeting password: reform

JOIN BY PHONE +1-510-338-9438