The FRC has instigated a criminal complaint against W9CR

The FRC has violated our agreement to work together after the Melbourne hamfest by making a criminal complaint against Bryan Fields, W9CR.  This happened in November and needed to be resolved first, hence the lack of updates.  This complaint is fraudulent and was closed with input from from my attorney.  I will not be addressing it further.

Our agreement from Melbourne was to fire my attorney and work together in good faith, these actions prove this was never the FRC’s intent.  The FRC board has invented a number of lies regarding me and my actions.

It’s evident the FRC has no interest to working with me or any other members seeking reform.  One only has to look at how they refer to their members as “outsiders” and the actions taken by those who seek to reform their ways.

Numerous attempts have been made to work with the board with the Process Development Committee as agreed after Melbourne.  No board members have responded to repeated inquiry.  In light of these recent developments I cannot continue to attempt to work with the board.

My legal demands remain and I will publicly call for the resignation of the board as they have ceased to operate in anything approaching an effective manner.

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