2017 Members meeting video

The video has been posted to YouTube.  Apologies for the delays but the video required audio enhancement, and it’s quite lengthy.  I’ve made some call outs at the times below for the viewer who wants to skip some of the mundane parts.

  • @6:22 James Duel, N0XIA conducts a count of the number of people in the room.  In his opinion we’re over the number of people permitted by him in the room for “fire code issues”.  He then waits 20 min before bringing this up and forcing a number of FRC reform supporters to leave.   Had this been a real fire marshal complaint he would not have waited.
  • @21:00 Secretary Fletcher, NI4M attempts to close the meeting and claims this is not a members meeting as stated in the bylaws.  You can see James Duel N0XIA leave the meeting at this point to call the police and raise a fire code issue.  Mr. Duel arrives back @22:55
  • @23:25 Secretary Felcher claims there are no provisions for proxy votes under the bylaws.  There is a provision under Florida law and the FRC articles of incorporation.
  • @23:42 James Duel raises a fire code issue, based on the count he did almost 20 minutes prior!  There was no posted maximum capacity and Mr. Duel has no training to determine this.
  • @24:53  A board member said he was properly elected in 1990 and it’s still valid today!
  • @25:53 Director Duel leaves the meeting to call the police yet again.
  • @27:42 Director Duel comes back and states “he hates to due this” and makes another fire code issue once again. He threatens he has “police officers outside so you can decide what to do”.  A number of FRC reform supporters leave to make his claim go away.  He then leaves and comes back putting the number of people in the room over 20 yet again.
  • @30:06 Secretary Fletcher refuses to call the question and again states this meeting is for directors only (it’s not).
  • @41:00 the board votes to not share data with the ARRL repeater directory for the next year.
  • @1:03:45 The Meeting moves to new business and bylaw updates.  I again ask where these were posted for the members to review.  Secretary (now President) Fletcher says they have been distributed to the board.  Note that non-board member Frank Butler, W4RH, has a copy and votes on this!

These new bylaws remove all members from the FRC!

  • @1:05:00 the President refuses to recognize the proxies once again.
  • @1:08:00 The board votes to refund members dues that have now been removed!

The meeting then concludes.

Simply disgusting.




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