Glenn “Mike” Fletcher, NI4M

President – Director District 4

Phone 1 : 813-628-4171
Cell 1/Nextel: 813-477-0850
Cell 2: 813-767-4706
Work: 813-621-2333

Holds five coordinations of 2 meter repeaters.

Glenn has responded to our inquires with contempt, exposed the organization to liability, and deprived the FRC of his honest services.  Glenn like all directors have never been properly elected by the membership.  He is not a paid current member either.

When W9CR mailed him a formal written request for members information as permitted under FS 617, Director Fletcher refused to pick the letter up from the post office and called Mr. Fields stating “I’m not picking that fucking letter up.”  He has given us the “finger” as well after the Melbourne hamfest.

It would appear he personally holds the domain for in violation of ethics required in being the director of a non-profit.

Is this the sort of “leader” we want running the FRC?

Glenn is a Director and Vice-President of the Tampa Amateur Radio Club.
Is this the sort of destructive personality TARC should choose to represent itself?  What if they decide to remove all the TARC members tomorrow?