July 22, 2017 Meeting

Glenn Fletcher has posted an update to the BoD list calling a meeting on:

July 22, 2017
1-3 PM
Quality Inn
626 Lee Road
Winter Park, Fl

Please show up and show your disgust with the illegal actions of the Board and Mr. Felcher.  This may be the last opportunity to save the FRC from the sick minds controlling it.

From: Mike NI4M [mailto:mike@ni4m.com]
Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2017 09:44
To: Bod@florida-repeaters.org
Subject: [bod] Scheduled meeting


Field Day made our proposed June date a no go so here it is!


July 22nd 2017  1 PM to 3 PM

Committee time is available from 9 to 12, please let me know if you need meeting space and for how many so I can advise the venue.


Quality Inn
626 Lee Road
Winter Park, Fl

I know it is a long distance for some but this will be an important meeting to get the Coordination Committee process moving

and clean up some loose ends.   Email me if you want to book a room for Friday night, I will see what I can do on the room rate.


There will be no open forum since this is a Board work session.

So far, other than the routine reports,  I only have a few agenda items;

  1. The big one,  Review and approve the Coordination Committee recommendations and officially Start the Coordination Committee process, to include;

Put the application Flow Chart in Black & White so we all are on the same page with the process.

Remove un-necessary fields from the application – add a supplement app for links etc if too much for basic application

Develop a way for someone to claim a repeater is no longer there and start the de-coordination process.

Revise the de-coordination process to fit the committee flow.

Remove the expiration from coordinations – replace with a “last verified” date or something like that.

Replace the renewal form with a status update form.

Revise coordination procedures and publish

Put applications back on the web site.

Create a Newsletter or Blog to advise trustees of new and changed coordinations.

Review latest info on Directory, RFinder etc etc. to determine our options for the future directory participation, if any.

Report on Legal review of the Melbourne and Orlando meetings.  The attorney has done a review of our meetings and By-Law changes and finds our actions are in accordance with law.

He has suggested a few additional changes to the By-Laws to remove ambiguities and we need to file an update to the Articles of Incorporation which were done in 1984.

Revise Articles of Incorporation as recommended by our attorney, to reflect change in structure.

Revise By-Laws to clean up a few loose ends.

Set goals and prelim agenda for Melbourne meeting.

So as you see it should be a very short meeting but a productive one.

The Committee work in the morning will be critical to allow us to accomplish the goals set out here, please be ready to work in your committees.

I look forward to seeing you there.