Chuck Lavender, W4CLL

Chuck Lavender, W4CLL
Former Director District 4
Former “database developer”
813 754 2515
Has stated he wants to railroad Bryan Fields, W9CR for his reform efforts as evidenced below:

I need for each Board or Staff member who has visited our FRC Database website to visit it now and note your start and stop time. Visit, do some listings to give me a signature on your browser. I need for each authorized member to record your start time and then your stop time.

Then, send me a e-mail with your start and stop times so I can ID your browser signature. I will then remove your info from a HTTP log file I am preparing for the FBI here in Tampa regarding theft of our FRC database info on renewals only! W9CR, Bryan Fields is one of the Cyber Thieves I have detected in my server log files. I am going to really enjoy putting that 9 Land POS in jail!

Guys, right now Dana is W9CR’s target, we need to step up for Dana and do this 9 lander POS right. Dana should not be left alone to deal with Fields. I have log files showing Bryan Fields stealing FRC Database IP Property! I also have log files on two other A-Holes (Hams), involved in stealing our IP Info. Any way, I have a log file and it is almost ready to go to Gray Street here in Tampa.

Respectively, Your Database Developer

Chuck W4CLL

One only need to look at the mans personal website to see he has no business being in a position of trust in the community.  We find it hypocritical he supports the recall of the ARRL South Eastern director due to dirty tricks by the ARRL board, when has engaged in these same tactics.