James Deuel, N0XIA

James Deuel, N0XIA
Director D5
K1XC trustee

Has refused to work with the Process Committee and enabled the FRC to get to it’s current state.

Mr. Deuel is a board member of the Orlando Amateur Radio Club along with Ralph Betts, W4ORL

Mr. Deuel having no training in fire safety has appointed himself fire marshal at the Orlando 2017 FRC meeting.  You can see him on video take a count of the number of people in the room and wait until it suits the Boards needs to cause issue over it.

Does this sound like the actions people who should be running any professional organization?

The OARC has meetings every month, show up and ask these directors why they fail to do the proper thing and resign.  Is the OARC corrupt as well?

He needs to resign or be removed.