FRC Response to Members request

After being unsuccessful in having the FRC even pickup my initial letter, I had my attorney draft a letter with substantially the same request:

VIA U.S. CERTIFIED MAIL NO. 7016 0600 0000 5222 4298
Florida Repeater Council
Attn: Dana Rodakis, K4LK
6280 Fairfield Avenue S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33707-2323

Re: Demand under Fla. Stat. 617
Florida Repeater Council

Mr. Rodakis:

We represent Mr. Bryan Fields. This correspondence is in accordance with Florida Statutes 617.1602. As a member of the Florida Repeater Council, we are entitled to inspection of the Council's records. Please contact our office to schedule a time for Mr. Fields to inspect the records enumerated below. He will be happy to inspect at either the principal office or a reasonable location specified by your office.

1) Rosters of Members for the last four (4) years, including which district they are in.

2) Any and all records relating to the last four (4) elections.

Please note that we are entitled to unilaterally set a date that we wish to inspect the records- we are willing to coordinate with you for an inspection time out of -courtesy. However, if we do not receive a response within seven (7) days of the mailing of this letter, we will send a second letter advising when we will be inspecting.

The response below is from the FRC where they claim to be recognized by the FCC and further referred Bryan Fields to the FCC for enforcement bureau action.  The original PDF is here

Florida Repeater Council, Inc.
Mike Fletcher- Secretary
PO Box 602
Brandon, Florida 33509

September 26, 2016
lan P. Hudson
C/0 Johnny J. Bardine, P.A ..
721151 Avenue N, Ste 200
St. Petersburg, Fl 33701
Certified Mail 70161970000000493441

Re: Demand for records of Florida Repeater Council under FS617

Mr. Hudson,

Your client, Mr. Fields has demanded this information but has not provided any reasonable or proper purpose as required in the statute you referenced, for his request and/or usage of the corporation's proprietary information.

Much of what Mr. Fields has demanded is regularly published on the Corporation's web page and publicly available to anyone who is interested.

These demands appear to be an effort to harass the Directors of the Florida Repeater Council, Inc. because of an application that Mr. Fields has pending before the Florida Repeater Council, Inc. for a frequency coordination. That application has been delayed due to Mr. Fields refusal to provide detailed location information for his radio site as required of other applicants for such coordination. This coordination service is provided at no charge to the applicants under CFR part 97, and the Florida Repeater Council, Inc. is the Federal Communications Commission recognized coordinating body for the State of Florida.

The Florida Repeater Council, Inc. volunteer web developer reports that the development site was recently the object of an illegal intrusion where some data was stolen and has been published on a
hacker related site. The identifying information of the sites involved in this data theft have been recovered and are being provided to law enforcement as part of a criminal complaint.

Should Mr. Fields desire to provide a reasonable and proper purpose for the information he demands we will consider such request at our Directors meeting in October. Lacking such a new request we will now consider this matter closed.

~ Mike Flecher
Cc: FCC Enforcement Bureau

This response is a slap in the face to the idea the board is subject to it’s members, and exposes the FRC to liability.  Further the claim “the Florida Repeater Council, Inc. is the Federal Communications Commission recognized coordinating body for the State of Florida.” is untrue.

The insinuation here is that Mr. Fields “hacked” the FRC and it’s completely without merit.

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