District 1

  • Mark Filla, N4DES (ex KS4VT)
    Home: 561-479-0737
    Cell: 561-233-4417
    Work: 561-233-0837

    Trustee of W4PBC 444.275 Palm Beach
    147.990 Boca Raton
    442.000 Boca Raton

    KG4LCD and W4PBC trustee, both expired

    Radio System Manager – Palm Beach County
    Chair of Palm Beach County Radio Oversight Committee

    Shouldn’t we expect more from a government employee?

  •  Joaquin A. Pidal, KZ4TI
    Cell: 305-557-7125
    Cell 2: 305-827-8222
    Home: 305-430-7767
    Other: 305-912-3721

    Trustee of N2VG 448.25 in Hollywood
    And 448.075 in Miami

  • Neither have been elected, only appointed and voted in by the current board.